A Place That Warms The Heart

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What is A Place That Warms The Heart?

This grief support program is patterned after other successful models across the nation, such as "The Warm Place." Loving support is provided in a safe place where people experiencing loss are allowed and encouraged to share their feelings as they journey through the healing process.

In helping children, adolescents, and adults grieve, it is important to recognize there are three tasks which assist in this process of healing:

GRIEVING: A Place That Warms The Heart provides support services in a caring and compassionate environment to allow each person to grieve in his or her own way. Trained professional facilitators are available during each group to listen and guide the participants on their journeys.

UNDERSTANDING: A Place That Warms The Heart assists children, adolescents, and adults in discovering ways of understanding and resolving issues faces by losing a loved one. One way we do this is by focusing on education and improved communication between family members and friends.

COMMEMORATING: Remembrance is an important part of grief. An annual memorial service is sponsored by A Place That Warms The Heart in December prior to the holiday season. As part of the group process, participants are given opportunities to honor and acknowledge their loved ones through a beautiful and moving "Tree of Lights" ceremony.

What are the groups?

PARENT'S GROUP: Parent's who have lost a child meet in this group. This group provides an opportunity for the adults to share the concerns and fears families are facing and to exchange support among others with similar situations.

SIGNIFICANT OTHERS' GROUP: This group is for adults who have lost a sibling, parent, spouse or other significant person in his/her life.

EARLY INFANT LOSS GROUP: This group is for those who have experienced the loss of a baby because of still-birth, miscarriage, SIDS, or any othe reason in the baby's first year. 

CHILDREN'S GROUP: The focus is on helping children understand and express what they feel. Every expression, whether anger, sadness or confusion, is accepted and validated. Therapeutic games, play therapy, art, music, and discussions are utilized to encourage the child's expression and understanding of grief.

ADOLESCENT GROUP: Recognizing that children go through a tremendous transition when entering into this age, this group focuses not only on the experienced feelings, but also the "growing up" issues that this group may face.